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Variable Frequency Driver

3,7 kW, AC Drive 220V, 1 Input Phase

A compact and complete solution to a whole range of industrial motor and machine control applications. Manual included with product.

EN600 Technical Manual
ENC Cerificate of Conformity
SAH Inverter EN500 and EN600 Program
SAH Inverter EN500 and EN600 Manual


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General technical specification for EN600 high performance vector inverters
ItemItem description
InputRating volt., frequency1 phase 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
3 phase 380V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Allowed work volt. range200~260V
OutputVoltage0 – 380V
Frequency0 – 600Hz
Over loading capacityG type: 150% of rating current for 1 minute
P type: 120% of rating current for 1 minute
Control modeVector control, PG vector control, open-loop V/F control, torque control, PG torque control
Velocity control precision±0.5% rated synchronous speed ( vector control )
±0.1% rated synchronous speed (PG vector control)
±1% rated synchronous speed (V/F control)
Speed regulation range1: 2000 (PG vector control)
1: 100 (vector control)
1: 50 (V/F control)
Start-up torque1.0Hz: 150% rated torque (V/F control)
0.5Hz: 150% rated torque (vector control)
0Hz: 180% rated torque (PG vector control)
Speed fluctuation±0.3% rated synchronous speed (vector control)
±0.1% rated synchronous speed (PG vector control)
Torque control precision±10% rated torque ( vector control, torque control)
±5% rated torque (PG vector control, PG torque control)
Torque response<20ms ( vector control)
<10ms (PG vector control)
Frequency precisionDigital setting: max. frequency x ±0,0l%
Analog setting: max.fequency x ±0,5%
Frequency resolutionAnalog setting0.1% of max. frequency
Digital setting precision0.01Hz
Exterior impulse0.1% of max. frequency
Torque boostAutomatic torque boost; manual torque boost 0.1~1 2.0%
V/F curve
(volt. Frequency characteristic)
Setting rated frequency at the range of 5x 650Hz, by choosing constant torque, degressive torque 1,degressive torque 2,degressive torque 3,self-defined V/F total 5 kinds ofcurve
Acceleration / Deceleration curveTwo modes: straight line acceleration and deceleration; S curve acceleration and deceleration; 15 kinds of acceleration and deceleration time, time unit (0.01s, 0.1s, Is) for option , max. time for 1000 minutes.
Running FunctionRunning command specified channelKeypad specified, control terminal specified, communication specified can switch through various means
Running frequency specified channelMain & auxiliary specified to a realize one main adjusting and one fine control. Digital specified, analog specified, pulse specified, pulse width specified, communication specified and others, which can be switched by many means at any time.
Binding functionRun command channel and frequency specified channel can bind together randomly and switch synchronously
Input and output
Digital input channelChannel 8 for universal digital input, max. Frequency lKHz, channel 1 can be used as pulse input channel, max. Input 50KHz, which can be expanded to channel 1 4
Analog input channelChannel 2 for analog input channel, All can choose 4~20mA or 0~10V output, AI2 is differential input channel, 4~20mA or -10~10V for option, which can be expanded to channel 4 analog input
Analog output channelChannel 2 for analog signal output, AOl can choose 4~20mA or 0~10V, A02 can choose 4~20mA or 0~10Vto achieve setting frequency, output frequency and other physical quantity output, which can be expanded to channel 4 analog output
Pulse output channel0.1 ~ 20KHz pulse square signal output to achieve setting frequency, output frequency and other physical quantity output
Unique featureRapid current limitingLimit inverter over current to the greatest point, and make it run more stably
Monopulse controlSuitable for working site where need one button to control inverter start and stop, first press to start, then press to stop, and that cycle repeats. Its very simple and reliable
Fixed length controlRealize fixed length control
Timing controlTiming control function: setting time range 0.1 Min – 6500.0 Min
Virtual terminalFive group virtual input & output 10 can realize simply logical control
KeypadKeypad displayThe parameters as setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output
Button LockedLock all or part of the buttons
Protection functionMotor power on Shot circuit test, input & output phase loss protection, over-current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, over heat protection, overload protection, under load protection, relay absorption protection, terminal protection and no stop protection under power off.
AmbientApplication siteIndoor, not bare to sunlight, no dust, no corrosive gas, no flammable gas, no vapor, no water drop or salt etc.
AltitudeUnder 1 000 meter. ( above 1 000 meter require to reduce volume to use, output current reduce about 10% of rated currenvolt per 1000 meter high)
Ambient temperature-10°C~+50°C
Ambient humiditySmaller than 95%RH, no drop condenses
VibrationSmaller than 5.9 M/S2(0.6g)
Storage temperature-40~+70ºC
ConfigurationDefending gradeIP20
Cooling modeForced air cooling and natural
Mounting modeWall hanging or cabinet installation
Panel DimensionsMounting Sizes (mm)
EN600 Panel DimensionsAval_1EN600 Mounting Sizes

Braking Resistors
ModelResistor50% Braking Rate10% Braking Rate
EN600-2S0007≥ 100Ω≥ 1.5kW≥ 250W
EN600-2S0015≥ 70Ω≥ 2.0kW≥ 400W
EN600-2S0022≥ 50Ω≥ 3.0kW≥ 600W
EN600-2S0037≥ 30Ω≥ 5.0kW≥ 1,5kW
EN600-4T0007G/0015P≥ 300Ω≥ 1.0kW≥ 250W
EN600-4T0015G/0022P≥ 300Ω≥ 1.0kW≥ 250W
EN600-4T0022G/0037P≥ 300Ω≥ 1.0kW≥ 250W
EN600-4T0037G≥ 125Ω≥ 2.0kW≥ 400W
EN600-4T0055G/0075P≥ 80Ω≥ 3.8kW≥ 750W
EN600-4T0075G/0110P≥ 80Ω≥ 3.8kW≥ 750W
EN600-4T0110G/0150P≥ 50Ω≥ 5.0kW≥ 1.0kW
EN600-4T0150G/0185P≥ 40Ω≥ 7.5kW≥ 1.5kW
EN600-4T0185G/0220P≥ 27Ω≥ 9.0kW≥ 1.8kW
EN600-4T0220G/0300P≥ 22Ω≥ 11kW≥ 2.2kW
EN600-4T0300G/0370P≥ 19Ω≥ 15kW≥ 3kW
EN600-4T0370G/0450P≥ 16.8Ω≥ 18.5kW≥ 3.7kW
EN600-4T0450G/0550P≥ 13Ω≥ 22kW≥ 4.5kW
EN600-4T0550G/0750P≥ 11Ω≥ 28kW≥ 5.5kW

Main Features

Rated Power3.7kW
Product SeriesEN600
TypeHigh Performance Vector
PurposeVector Regulation
Input Phase1-Phase
Output Phase3-Phase
Output Current15A
Input Voltage220V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage3 x 220V
Output Frequency0 – 600Hz
Braking UnitYes
Braking ResistorNo
Matching Braking Resistor≥30Ω, 50% Braking Rate ≥5.0kW, 10% Braking Rate ≥1.5kW
Protection RatingIP20
Dimensions (H x W x D)240mm x 140mm x 175mm
CSV Data129,227,140,240,175,--,5#en600a-mounting-sizes.jpg,en600-panel-dimensions.jpg

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